You have in front of you a super financial tool created for you. Use it!

What is Waytom?

Waytom is a cryptoactive developed at the beginning of 2018. Initially, he worked in the edcblockchain until February 24, 2021 which became part of the Binance ecosystem with its Binance Smart Chain network. WTM is a token that you can get and multiply in our systems WAYS and VPS-Miner. If you don't know any of these terms, don't worry, here we have everything you need for you to learn. Welcome to our website and get ready to mine coins and create a residual income.


The name of Waytom is an acronym made up of two words "way" which means way way or form and "tom" of the word atom, very small amount of something. In general context, creation starting from its first foundations.


The main purpose of Waytom is to give a financial tool capable of giving back metallic profits to people with ideas and who can influence others with their posts while generating residual income.

WAYTOM Technical Data (WTM)

Name: Waytom
Symbol: WTM
Unit: Atom
Decimals: 8
Fee: BNB
Max. supplies: 90.000.000 WTM
Contract: See here
Mining Protocol: PoS with VPS-Miner.

How to start?

Register in the WAYS option here, use the link at the bottom "Not a member? Create new account". Fill in the requested fields, it is not necessary to approve the KYC, it is optional. Then open a "major" MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Below will be the updated video links.

Help tutorial videos