Nautilus wex

It is the first waytom exchange created by the same development team in 2018, It is designed to first exchange wtm with fiat although it can be used for any other good including cryptocurrencies.

You can buy or sell wtm using the legal tender of your country.

Verify that the address is "".


The credentials that they request are the same that we use to enter the ways or the vps-miner with the exception that We will need a security token that will be in our designated mail in our account.

If access is impossible due to the loss of your mail, you must first resolve the conflict. Then update your details to assign your new email to your waytom account at this procedure requires you to pass some security questions and within a period no more than 72 hours will be resolved.


In the Nautilus wex exchange you can exchange for any local currency directly to your bank.

Exchange WTM for the legal tender of your country.


A cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2018 handles more than 200 types of assets and three markets (btc, eth, usd). It has a processing speed of up to 10,000 transactions per second, 1,000,000 TCP connections and has a dedicated support team, you can submit a ticket, email or communicate in a live chat.

Access a wide range of cryptos in one place.

Verify that the address is ""


Your account login will ask for your credentials (email and password) and pass a verifier. It will always ask you to activate its double safety factor. Although it is optional. If you decide to do this make sure to copy your 32 digit key in several places. If you don't know how to use This security system does not activate double factor until you know how it works.

If access is impossible due to a forgotten password, use the link Forgot password? And follow the procedure. If, on the other hand, you are interrupted due to the double security factor, you should contact us at Please be careful to use any other means to resolve problems with your account.


In the exchange for the cryptoactive waytom there are only three (3) btc-eth-usd markets.

WTM can only be exchanged for btc • eth • usd.


Dex-Trade is one of the most technically equipped crypto exchanges, offering traders a user-friendly interface with great transaction security. Since 2018, the Dex-Trade team has had the most comprehensive range of risk control security and protection measures in the industry.

Verify that the address is ""


Dex-Trade has high quality coins to offer traders a wide range of digital assets. At your service 24 hours a day, our support team will help you solve any problem or question, will provide users with global business opportunities.

Dex-trade is among the exchanges with the lowest fees, great intuitive views, and even a three-tier referral system paid in your DXC currency.

Below is a button for direct access to the Dex-trade exchange.


Waytom on Dex-trade is only traded with your Tether pair.

WTM can only be exchanged for usdt.