About us?

   The Waytom Project team is made up of professionals from several areas, a multidisciplinary team committed to good performance and growth in the adoption of this asset. Being your first satisfied customers. Administration (admin@waytom.org), Development and support (support@waytom.org).


   Its denomination Wayton is an acronym composed by two words "way" that means way via or form and "tom" of the word atom, very small amount of something.


   IIt has been forged with the creation of the Cryptocurrency Asset Market. Creating a beneficial ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors around the world. Following the prominent need to give these potential ideas an opportunity to be known and shared, Waytom Platform emerges, where entrepreneurs from around the world will be able to present themselves, interact and receive support from the community and investors from a whole community of brilliant minds.


   The team that makes up this project has started as an entrepreneur begins his work. We have expressed the contextual idea and have added a worldwide support of professionals in several areas, carrying out the process of completing each block for the development and achievement of this great project.


   TThe launch focuses on the activation of its market in the available Exchanges, creating supply and demand. The offer will be guided by various initiatives that will encourage sales and demand, buying at fair prices with opportunities taking into account their characteristics as assets.

Waytom WTM currencies Details

Denomination: Waytom
Acronym: WTM
Unity: Atom
Decimals: 3
Fee: 0.001 EDC
Maximum quantity:
Type of emission: (PSEC) Programmed system of
emission of currencies.
Arranged for Airdrop: 700.000
Arranged for Partner 1 Pre-Sale: 2.000.000
• Price: 150 sat
Arranged for Partner 2 Pre-Sale: 8.000.000
• Price: 250 sat

To stimulate demand and supply, the wtm / btc market will be activated with the investment plan where we privately sell the first cryptocurrencies under high performance policies and benefits for our first partners.

Partner 1
Purchase at 150 sat and in 9 months you receive 100% of your investment in btc, you get free coins.
example: buying 0.60 btc in wtm gets 400,000 wtm and in a period of 9 months is credited 0.60 btc in your personal wallet.

Partner 2
Purchase at 250 sat and in 10 months receives the same amount of wtm coins that he acquired, it would cost each coin 125 satoshis.
example: buying 0.20 btc in wtm gets 80,000 wtm and in a period of 10 months you will be credited 80.000 wtm plus in your personal wallet.

In either case, you would have wtm free of charge part of the launching initiative until you start your normal market ending this promotion.

To access investment plans Partner / Investor
Register/Log in

Step 1: Complete and submit the registration form.
Step 2: After submitting the form, we need you to verify through KYC to include it in the whitelist.
Step 3: Once KYC verifies your identity, we will send you details on how to send BTC to be part of the Waytom team or be an investor.

The central idea of Waytom project is the creation of a community with a core full of values and powerful enough energy to drive any project and initiative that humanity demands. Resolve the lack of first seed investment and invisibility, uniting the designer with the investor. A new monetization system created for entrepreneurs who are willing to materialize their ideas.

Benefits of using the waytom platform monetizer and monetized both generate income when you register and enter the waytom platform you are part of a community. reading a project and giving your support makes you a monetizer since with your action you have contributed a quantity of wtm to the author of said project, the monetization also generates a portion of wtm. a space where everyone wins. Looking for more information?
Read the FAQ.

The WTM Node Portfolio of the Waytom Project mines with the Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol, producing 0.45% of what it has on its balance sheet. Loading your profit to your balance after a maturation of 30 days. All the power of compound interest in a portfolio under your control.

Access your wtm node wallet here

Road map

Entrepreneurs and their projects

    A general tour of what will be our blog, a network that interconnects thousands of people of different races, ethnicities and cultures of different specializations. with the sole purpose of initiating and developing what started as an idea. no matter how big or small it is, if you have an idea, please let us know with a photo and its description. because everything that the mind of man can conceive man can create. This is the right place.





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When to buy wtm in the market?
The ideal is to buy it when it is in its lower band of prices although sometimes it becomes difficult since waiting for it to go down passes the time and it may rise more than it was. Being a mining asset Pos makes it profitable and coveted by many users since you can mine it on your personal computer producing income daily, so even buying it more expensive will always be profitable.

When to sell?
In theory the best time to sell or change is, at its high price peaks. "if you know that you are going to go down later", but the future is and will always be uncertain because it could be a stable increase and achieve a stock band superior to what it was to settle in those prices. Then there is essentially no clear sales moment, only when you decide to meet your personal needs. If the case is to trade with this asset, then it must have a preparation for such exercise of stock exchange operations.

How much to sell?
The wtm asset of waytom project was designed and created for a production of constant residual income using the Pos mining protocol at a rate of 0.45% daily compounded interest and a mining time that will exceed 25 years until the end of the extraction of its last currency . each user must do their planning taking into account their monthly expenses to know first how many wtm should have in your personal wallet, knowing that in time your mining will smile as your balance would increase and you can have enough to keep all your expenses covered and depending on your investment you can get even faster to your financial freedom. In such a way that the quantity that would sell will be the one that allows him to cover his needs and that does not affect the growth of his personal balance.

Why should I use this asset?
For being a cryptocurrency with real purpose, since the transaction fee goes directly to waytom platform supporting thousands of entrepreneurs and designers from around the world; for the benefit of its performance of 0.45% compound interest daily without mandatory transaction and a fast and efficient transaction time to make payments and services.

A cryptoactive is consolidated in a market by the adoption and good use that is given, by its users, if the community that uses it is strong, then its assets will be too.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any idea of project or collaboration.


1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA, 95063 US