VPS is the acronym for "virtual private server", in Spanish, virtual private service and is used to mine in an ecological way. It is the best way to mine our wtm coins since they will multiply without having our equipment connected to the internet or switched on. What we see is a reflection of what happens on a server that does not shut down or disconnect. There are two physical servers that are are in charge of this job.

How to use it?

You must send wtm token to the address: "0x6C439eF506075890e92ee4Ae29BA0717A37D66c6" and register the deposit using the transaction hash "Transaction Hash" and within a period of no more than 24 hours it will be reflected in your vps-miner account, “this in the case you send from your wallet ”.

Shipments from the "ways" are executed instantly.

The deposit is registered in the same vps-miner, mining option (register deposits).

How to mine?

The service must be activated, making a payment in wtm in the section "Payment vps-miner" . Choose between two plans for 6 and 12 months, $ 6 and $ 10 respectively. The system debits the amount of coins equivalent to the selected plan in wtm and activates the service, the rest of the coins are the ones that will be mined continuously.

Payment is made in the mining option menu (payments VPS-Miner).


PoS protocol, Your VPS-Miner account will produce coins based on balance and mining power. A compound interest that will lead you to create great resources without stopping.

Mining our wtm Token

Once the payment has been made and having token in your balance you can see how the system carries out mining work 24/7 without interruption. Go to the mining option (current mining), and see how your tokens start to multiply.

• Left section display.

In it you can see: The timer expressed in percentage time, Balance in wtm, Token wtm extracted, Mining active (on: green led) or deactivated (off: red led).

Left display VPS-Miner v-1.5.

• Right section display.

It reflects: The mining time, measured in minutes. Fuel, measured in days (example if you paid for a plan than 6 months you will see 180 days reflected). Mining power is represented by a percentage figure (it is the rate at which your token will multiply daily). Withdrawal, to enable this option, you must invite two people with your referral link.

Right display VPS-Miner v-1.5.

Internal transfers

You can send token to any user without paying a fee for it, running immediately, should only have the identification number (Id_user)

It is done in the menu option mining (internal transfer).

Deposit the fee.

All transactions that are executed outside the VPS-Miner must go through the Blockchain, This action requires a fee, it is paid through a gas paid in BNB, therefore, you must have BNB in ​​your VPS-Miner to that can make withdrawals outside and be able to send to a specific wallet or to the exchange p2pb2b.io.

Fee menu option (register deposits)..

Withdrawal request.

It is an operation that requires a fee, which is why it is advisable to have your active account with all these requirements. The execution time of a withdrawal does not exceed a period of 24 hours.

Withdrawal is possible if you have enough fee in BNB and activated withdrawal.

Mining option menu (request withdraw).