It is the system that allows us to register and obtain an account at waytom.org. The credential obtained Username and Password must keep it in a safe place since it is the same one that you will use to enter the services, VPS-Miner and Nautilus wex.

You must have a wallet, if you need help go to the Wallet section.

Should I enter the WAYS?

Investor. This seeks to create and own all possible assets that provide income. Waytom is an income producing machine that requires no maintenance or operating expenses. More than buying coins and activating your VPS-Miner.

No Investor. If you lack the capital to buy a quantity of coins. The WAYS allows you to get coins By supporting content creators, in this way you get your first resources. If the desire is to go faster and achieve a greater amount resources in a short time, there is no other way than to become the author of new content blocks (ways) and build a campaign in social networks to attract as many new people to the waytom community to support you.

Investor or not will be adding more and more crypto assets without interruption, assets that another will want and that you can provide when needed. Look further and think ahead. Add a new income engine to your life. Convinced then? We go with register.


There are two ways to register at waytom.org, "with or without invitation." If you don't have a referral link, you can here You must be very careful typing your email as you will need to access it to validate your account With a security token (a 6-digit number) that will be waiting for you in your email to validate your account, if you do not see the email, it can be for two reasons, the first one that has had an error when typing its address or it may be that the email is in the SPAM or spam section. If you have trouble registering from your account see this video and try again. Important! ( support@waytom.org is always the one who sends these messages)

Inside the WAYS

The ways fulfills two important functions, it is the user administrator (the place where we register) and it is also the platform where the community interacts. The dashboard welcomes you by granting you an Id_User that is visible in the upper left. (green color) . This number is unique and it is the one you will use to identify yourself as a user.

Clickpoint and its magic

In the publications are all the ways or blocks created by the community. I recommend you interact with the authors and support them if you like it. In ways, a support is called Clickpoint and this action is what makes monetization possible for the author of the ways and for you who you support it. If no one supports a ways it cannot be monetized and if the community wants to remove the ways from the publications, the option is to report the ways.

Interaction Test (PoI)

It is a protocol developed by the Waytom Project team in order to distribute resources to people who are starting or they do not have capital for initial investment. A platform where by publishing content you express, teach and show your most desired projects even in phase of ideas so that it is monetized by the same community in our own wtm token.

Waytom gives you the opportunity to take your first steps without having capital. Interact and help create a huge world where your knowledge, skills and abilities matter. Create your profile with an avatar and start now to invite your friends.


They are the acronym in Spanish that defines the Programmed Coin Issuance System, which controls the WAYS and is what makes it possible for everything works correctly, it is a validation and executor engine that works continuously and without human intervention. Calculates, executes and closes accounts each end of the month. Giving each user what they have achieved directly to their balance.